We have one, it’s awesome!

We have had our Drop Master for 8 years. We have used it for hundreds of sprinkler heads in hotels, large mansions and everywhere else where there is going to be an expensive problem with one drop dripping from the sprinkler system ruining a carpet or furniture. We use the hitch carrier on our pipe fitter truck and that works great too.

Pat Dillon, CET
Manager - Fire Chief Equipment

I received my Dropmaster this week. Clean pipe work with no mess or drain bucket.

Justin Scanlan
Gen X Fire Protection Services

It's been a great product for Escape Fire, we highly recommend the use of the Dropmaster if you have any plans on changing heads or working in office areas where you are trying to eliminate the chance of water damage.

Forrest Schneider
Escape Fire Protection

Have used this a bunch of times. It's a great product! We have two at our shop! Might need another one soon!

Cody Schaffer
Anchor Fire Protection