Frequently Asked

  • 1. How does the Dropmaster work?

    The Dropmaster™ is designed to be compatible with any part of the sprinkler system. Upon connection and activation, it consistently maintains a vacuum of 10” Hg whenever the system is compromised, such as when a sprinkler head is removed, causing a siphoning effect. This innovative feature enables the installer to replace the sprinkler head without the need for a bucket, preventing any messy spills. Additionally, the Dropmaster’s flexible discharge hose conveniently connects to any drain, ensuring a clean and odor-free work area with ease.

  • 2. Is it easy to maintain?

    Yes, the system requires minimal daily maintenance that takes only a few minutes.
    Daily Maintenance:

    • Check the strainer. Remove basket to clean. Remove any debris.
    • Drain barrel to protect from excessive corrosion build up and freezing.
    • Check oil reservoir. Fill as needed.
    • Drain excess oil from the catch basin in the muffler.
  • 3. Is it reliable?

    Every Dropmaster™ comes with a one-year warranty. Made in the USA, the Dropmaster™ is durable, built to last, and proven in the field. The Dropmaster™ was designed and built for 24/7 operation, and all components are rated for continuous duty.

  • 4. How much labor time will it save?

    The Dropmaster™ eliminates residual water in a sprinkler system so that sprinkler heads can be replaced without using buckets and tarps. By reducing both set-up and clean-up time, many contractors report labor savings of 40% to 60%, and some even claim 80%.

  • 5. Are replacement parts available?

    Yes, contact us for more information. Replacement parts for older units may have limited availability.

  • 6. Can I get a demonstration?

    There is also a series of videos under our “Products” tab that are highly informative.  If more is needed, contact us.

  • 7. Why should I get a hitched mounted carrier?

    The hitch mounted carrier allows you to transport the unit in its required upright position.  The hitch provides easy curbside loading and unloading. By utilizing the hitch-mounted carrier, you can avoid occupying valuable space inside your service van or truck.

  • 8. Can I use it anywhere, on any system?

    Yes! The Dropmaster™ is versatile and can be utilized for any type of system, regardless of its location, as long as there is access to a functional electrical outlet or power from an electrical generator.

  • 9. Will the Dropmaster harm the system?

    The Dropmaster™ is designed to maintain and not exceed 10” Hg of vacuum. Manufacturers of grooved couplings recommend not exceeding 15” Hg vacuum on a sprinkler line. The Dropmaster™ is the only tool that will hold the regulated margin of safety.

  • 10. Can we add extra hoses?

    Yes! Extra lengths of vacuum hose may be added and can be ordered here. Contact us for additional hose if needed.

  • 11. Can I use an extension cord with it?

    The Dropmaster™ is powered by a ¾ horsepower 15amp motor and supplied with a 20,’ 12-gauge power cord. Using an extension cord is not recommended but maybe allowable under certain circumstances.